• Our organizational relationships are based on mutual respect
  • We respect and appreciate indivduals as the main pillar and real company asset
  • We build strong relationships with our customers based on respect and care
  • Our respect for our principles, values, and traditions is the foundation of others confidence in us
  • We commit ourselves to truth, honesty, loyalty and  perseverance
  • We commit ourselves to the laws, regulations, and instructions
  • We commit to achieving the highest profitability for our shareholders
  • We commit ourselves to the application of environmental regulations and health and occupational safety
  • We commit ourselves to fulfill our social responsibility towards our people and our society
  • We commit ourselves to take good care of our assets and the property of the company
  • We work to deepen our employess sense of job security
  • We work to strengthen customer & consumer confidence in our products and services
  • We trust in our ability to be unique and pioneering
  • We are committed to the principle of delegating authority and building the next level of leadership
  • We are committed to transparency and clarity and listen to other ideas and encourge dialogue as a principle
  • We stand for, and develop a spirit of team unity without compromising anyone,s specialties or interfering with each others work
  • Deep inside we feel we are one family and the role of each one of us is importans, essential, and complementary to the others, roles
  • We work to support and encourage team work and group activities and bring together different viewpoints
  • We nourish a culture of sharing knowledge and experience among workers
  • We master our work, as a legal obligation and a moral duty to everyoune
  • We continue to deepen the culture of Total Quality Management
  • We work committed to the quality of selection, recuitment, training, and equipping of our human resources aiming for high quality performance
  • OWe are committed to manufacture our products with the best international standards of quality and food safety and to meet the consumer,s demands
  • We encourage and stimulate innovative ideas leading to development  and  continuous  improvement
  • We ensure the protection of intellectual rights
  • We refine the creative talents by building a culture of creativity
  • We seek to find new creative ways to meet the market needs and consumers, desires
Our Values